Welcome to Nurture,
a boutique yoga practice.


Take time to take care of yourself

Experienced Instruction in a Relaxed Setting

Nurture Studio is a boutique yoga studio located in Northern Virginia. The studio offers a variety of small group classes as well as private sessions catering to the individual needs of each student.
The Philosophy

Pamela Rosenthal, Owner & Founder

 Pamela is an experienced instructor with an extensive wellness background who specializes in a safe, gentle, holistic approach to yoga.

 My goal for the time spent with my student is that they be present and comfortable in their own physical body.  I work to engage and implement their breath in a way that keeps them present in this time we spend together.  Recognizing the physical body, the breath (prana life force) brings all human beings to the great knowledge that we are all truly one. We all share the need for this connection to ourselves and others.